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Ginjiro is the only tie-dye (Shibori)
 shop in Arimatsu that sells products for
 your four legged children.

All by hand & in Japan

Many tie-dying factories and workshops have shifted to overseas production in the last couple of years. All the tying and wringing processes are completed in overseas countries such as China, South Korea and Indonesia, followed by the dyeing process in Japan. There are some companies that have even shifted all of their production overseas.
Ginjiro produces all of their products here, Japan.
Tying, wringing, and dyeing by hand, every product is specially made in Japan.
As the companion to four naughty and adorable cats, our motivation at Ginjiro is to offer true comfort and traditionally inspired fashion to your own sweet friends.

One Woman Team

Although I am happy to fulfill requests as they are sent, I only have two hands and 4 lazy cats. So, there is a limit to both production and design.
The good news is that your collar, lead, or leash will be the only one of its kind.
We will tie a piece of cloth according to a specific pattern, wring it by hand, and carefully dye the cloth.
The next cloth will be a completely different pattern, tie, and dye. This is the world of Shibori tie-dying. Nothing is the same.
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Ginjiro is named after our cat Ginjiro

Why the traditional Arimatsu tie-dyeing for pet wares?
There should be a cool reason, but sorry, there is no such special and emotive background.
The collaboration of these two was actually born by a simple feeling…for more details check out the profile page.
Please feel free to contact us for any kind of questions and inquiries.

About Ginjiro
Dog wares

Arimatsu Shibori your papy

Ginjiro provides leads, leashes, collars, and clothing uniquely made with tie-dyed textile and includes a variety of seasonal colors and patterns.
If your dog prefers a special color, pattern or size, we are happy to arrange made-to-order items that are exclusively hand-made to your specifications.

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Arimatsu Shibori Your Kitty

Ginjiro provides collars for your cat that are uniquely made with tie-dyed silk.
These collars are crafted with very fine designs and in a variety of seasonal colors.
Because of this, each collar is unique and in limited stock. Once that design is sold-out, there will never be another like it again! Each collar is a one of a kind treasure.

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What's new what's more

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Ginjiro is not just a shop to craft and sell Arimatsu tie-dyeing wares for pets.
There is a much more to know!

Enjoy the daily life in Arimatsu, the lifestyle of Arimatsu cats, and of course Shibori tie-dyeing crafting information.
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